The Road to Recovery

Jonathan is doing so much better this evening than he was this morning.  The pain in his abdomen was severe enough that the morphine had to be increased and another pain medication added.  Thankfully, after the doctor increased his medicine he was able to get some relief in order to sleep.  After he woke up from his nap, the nurses did indeed bully him into a chair.  He sat up for 30 minutes and was more than ready to climb back into bed and sleep again.  It really wore him out, but at least he was up and moving a little bit.  Tomorrow they will get him up three times and have him take a few steps around the room.

The doctors did tell him that he would have to have chemo after he recovered from surgery.  He was discouraged with the news, but I think the pain is keeping the thoughts at bay right now.  The reality probably won't set in until after we are ready to head home.  We won't find out the full extent of the pathology report until Monday or Tuesday.  At that point we will know for sure what direction the oncologist will want to go.  Or we could be surprised and hear that the preliminary was all wrong and there really wasn't cancer growing anymore in his body.  Wouldn't that be a nice and welcome surprise!

Whenever I start to get a little down about what we still have to overcome I am reminded of many verses to help keep my focus on Christ.  Right now my brain is so fuzzy that there is not much of anything left except a silent plea for sleep.  My desire is not to leave you with a message of hopelessness, but of great peace and abundant hope.  I just wish my brain were in gear enough to remeber those verses.  The long hours are really starting to catch up with me. I leave you knowing that my God will sustain us with His presence and no mountain is too big for Him to move - however he sees fit to move it!

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