Isn't Technology Grand

Periodically I like to dig in to Google's app list to see what's new.  One thing that they have mastered is internet services.  The photo app is a great archive solution for the photos you take on your mobile devices.  But, the app that really has me impressed is Google Cloud Print (beta, of course).  The most remarkable feature is that any printer can become a cloud printer.  Any printer that your desktop has access to can be added to your list of cloud printers using the Chrome browser (  I know It seems like a step in the wrong direction but this sharing mechanism goes way beyond paper printers.  For example, if you have a virtual fax solution that is manifested as a printer on your workstation it can become a cloud printer with all your other printers.  You could send a fax from your phone from anywhere you can connect to the internet.  It does stop there.  All the Android devices that your Google account is aware of are also cloud printer candidates.  There are plenty of cloud storage services out there but this solution makes sharing stupid simple.  I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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