To God be the Glory

Another week has passed in the infusion room for us.  Jonathan has braved it well this time and made it until Thursday night before getting sick.  It has made Friday not so fun, but it is encouraging to hope that we won’t be back in four weeks.  That is right, Jonathan’s blood tumor marker is showing dramatic improvement and the doctor is pretty confident that we won’t be back.  YIPPEE!!!!  His tumor marker was at 2400 when we started chemo.  Normal is 8, and after only two rounds his is already down to 24! 

This week I have had so many opportunities to spread the love of Jesus to others who are undergoing chemo too.  As in weeks past I come home energized and emotionally exhausted at the stories and pain I hear when I talk with these people.  However, I greatly rejoice at the perfect place God has me to spread His message and His love.  I have had the chance to pray with a few of these patients and bring a smile to many of their faces.  I praise God for this chance to serve Him and have his name glorified.  There is a part of me that is sad to say goodbye to the patients that the Lord has placed in my path, but as in all things His timing is perfect and my time here is in His hands.  To God is the glory He has done amazing things!

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