Snip, Snip, BUZZ

We have finally experienced the dreaded hair cut by your child.  It started out innocent enough... but then again don't they all?  I had just finished giving Benjamin a nice trim and turned around to shake out a blanket that somehow ended up at my feet.  While I had my back turned my brilliant 5 year old decided that he did not want to wait for me to trim the sideburns and neck area and took matters into his own hands.  With the battery operated clipper he took a swipe right down the middle of his head  - and yes you guessed it there was no blade guard.  Right down to the scalp.  There are really no options to "fix" a hair cut such as that so he ended up looking very much like his Daddy - skin head.  After I had "fixed' the haircut Benjamin headed up to the bathroom to check out his new do.  He climbed up on the step stool, stuck his hand on his head and exclaimed in a very amazed tone, "NO  WAY!"  Priceless... the things we do as kids and get away with.  I was just soooo thankful that it was not an experiment on one of the girls heads.   Please no ideas!

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