Are you my Mommy...

Last night Jonathan and I had a date and one of the young ladies from our church blessed us by baby sitting our little ones.  The kids had a great time with Katie Criss and we had a great evening out without listening to "Mommy, Daddy" for a couple of hours.  It always cracks me up to think of how much we yearn to hear those precious words when our kids are infants and then can't wait for them to stop.  The ever changing things of life.  At any rate, when we came home at 9:30 I was so surprised to find that all three of our kids we already sound asleep.  WOW - this girl is a keeper!  It only became more "funny" at 3 in the morning when Emily woke up screaming for Katie Criss.  I was jolted awake with a voice crying, "Katie Criss, Katie Criss, Katie Criss" over and over until I walked into the room.  She didn't know that Mommy had come home.  Once she realized I was home and would take care of her she went back to sleep very quickly. 

Thank goodness.  It was a reminder of how much they need the assurance that all is well in their little world.  It only took a hug and some reassuring words from Mommy for Emily's night scare to go away.  Granted some nights the night scare takes a little longer to work through, but when we quote her verse "When I am afraid I will trust in You, In God whose Word is true." it helps her to put her trust in our Heavenly Father.  If only we would remember that same faith and trust as adults.  My Heavely Father is always there and only has His best at heart for me.

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