The Hand of God

God is amazing and perfect in every way.  Too often we only realize this in hindsight.  Even so a reminder is indescribably reassuring and comforting.  I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in late May of this year.  I was never sick or in pain.  I never exhibited any signs of abnormality except for a swollen lymph node that God made clearly visible on my neck.  Without this visible evidence I would have never known I needed medical attention until it may have been too late. 

What about His perfect timing?  I was in the first week of recovery after my second round of chemotherapy.  This week in the treatment cycle is more difficult than the actual week of treatment.  The drugs have fully infiltrated the body and the patient is exhausted from fighting the effects and side-effects.  Activities outside of lying in bed or on the sofa are usually out of the question.  Our church family had been showering us with love by managing our lawn, running errands, bringing meals, and relieving us of our three children.  On one particular evening of this “first recovery week” Ruth Mullins from church was bringing us a meal.  She was on her way out the door when her phone rang.  Another lady from church, June Hanson, needed to discuss some details about VBS.  She was delayed 15 – 20 minutes from arriving at our house.  God’s timing was perfect!  Just before she walked in the door Benjamin, our 5-year-old, sprayed himself in the eye with Martha’s perfume.  (How do 5-year-olds manage to do this kind of stuff anyway?)  There was no way I would have been able to help Martha hold down this screaming terrified child in order to flush his eye out with water.  Ruth didn’t even wait to be asked.  She just said “Let’s do it”!  She and Martha took turns holding him and pouring water in his eye until the crisis was over. 

God continues to show Himself to us almost daily.  I start my third round and most likely the last round of chemo therapy tomorrow.  My blood tumor markers are already almost normal.  God is awesome and I’m so grateful for this cancer and the opportunity to see Him at work.  Stay tuned for more updates on the life and times of the Slaven family!


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